They just wanna play – play real great Pop-Music!

The Playground Kids from Vienna/Austria with their very own mixture of dreamy 80s-sounds and crisp modern-day club-beats aim for nothing less than Pop-Heaven. With their first release „Countryside“ the band puts their bet on Synthwave without getting too nostalgic – a song for the here and now. Daniel Grailach, producer and songwriter, has been around the local musicscene for more than two decades, mainly as drummer or guitarist in many different outfits. For vocal-dutys he is joined by different singers. Now he wants to show the world, The Kids feel at home on many different playgrounds: The debut „Countryside“ will be followed in 2022 with a cover of the the great classic Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (Means That You’re Grand) and their first EP and it definitely will tear down the dancefloor. Everything is possible with the Playground Kids except moping and greasy ballads. The Kids wanna have fun! And so it’s no wonder the EP will go by the name of „We Are Hedonists“. Time to play with the Kids.